Monday, September 10, 2012

Pinterest: Fabric covered storage box

This is the end result of my project...(including my earring hanger from the other day)

 Here is the pin that inspired the box:

These are the before pictures...

And here is the box's after picture...

Nice huh? I love the fabric! Now I have someplace to put my papers and junk that I want to keep, but I'm not quite sure where it should go. It also inspired/encouraged me to put away some of the things that actually do have another home.

The tutorial suggests you use a glue stick. I used fabric glue. I love that stuff! I use it on everything! The tute also shows you only covering the sides with the fabric and then bottom with felt. I covered the entire box with my special fabric. I wanted the whole thing to be pretty. 

As you know...the shoe box was free. This particular fabric happened to be on the clearance table at Hobby Lobby for $4 a yard (and I only needed half of it). I think I might be covering a round oatmeal container to put my receipts in so that I can keep them separate from the magazine articles I want to save. It also matches both my summer bed covering and my winter quilt. Pretty amazing! And thanks to my friend Angela that found it and suggested it in the first place!

Once again...Another great pin!

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