Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pintember: Modesty Panel

I have a few shirts that show just a little bit to much cleave for my teenage sons. I usually just wear a ribbed tank top underneath them.

And I usually pic those tanks that should not be worn out in public on their own. You know which ones I mean...The ones with that are shrunken, stretched out or way too tight or just pit or ordinary stains somewhere else on the shirt that can't be seen when worn under something else.

Come on ladies...'fess up! We all do it! With t-shirts as well as tanks. (I bet some men even do it!)

Well, I got this idea while on Pinterest...that is what the site is for isn't it?

But..I am way to lazy! That would mean I would have to either sew on snaps or sew it to the shirt itself. I needed to find an easier way!

So I just chopped up the nasty old ribbed tank I usually wear underneath things anyway instead! I figured that if I ruined it...it wouldn't matter anyway. So, I gave it a try!

I cut off the outer binding on the arm holes. Then I put the tank back on and marked it where it came just past my rib cage. Took it back off...And chopped of the bottom too.

It was much more comfortable than wearing the tank as it was before! It almost didn't feel like I was wearing anything under the other shirt. And the one thing that I thought might happen at some point during the day, did not. I was afraid that it would slide up and bunch. Nope! YAY! A great solution!

I think I'll be doing this with all of my nasty tanks! 

Hey...and I figure I have the bottom piece to play with...

I've got another idea...for another day!

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