Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pintember: Impossible Pie Breakfast Muffins

My 10th grader eats breakfast at 6:30am because his bus comes at 6:55.

He's not allowed to use the toaster 'cuz it is waaay too loud and will wake up the other 3 people in the house up to an hour earlier than necessary. So he eats lots of cold cereal and oatmeal (from the packets) and a yogurt. We can turn off the beep on the microwave, not on the toaster. And he alternates having cereal every morning with having breakfast Hot Pockets, on the other mornings. Hot Pockets get expensive after a while!

So I have decided to try making him (as well as everyone else) egg based breakfasts every once in a while. At least I know what goes in them and they are much cheaper!

I got the idea of doing the muffins from Pinterest. No surprise there!

I told my hubby about this recipe and he said that he didn't like eating reheated eggs so I decided to make Bisquick Impossible Pie muffins. We are always reheating Impossible Pie leftovers! We usually make the savory kind that are similar to a quiche.

So tonight, I decided to make an Impossible Pie for dinner and make the breakfast muffins at the same time.(Check out the many different types of pies you can make with Bisquick here.)

One and a half hours later...I had both tonight's dinner and tomorrow's breakfast done.

If there are any muffins left after everyone has eaten breakfast, I will throw the rest in the freezer for another day.

I wish I could give you a recipe but I've been making these pies for so long that I just throw them together with no measuring except for the batter. That happened to fit perfectly in the pan.

3 eggs, beaten
1 cup milk, I usually use skim
1/2 cup Bisquick mix

Just whisk it all together and pour it over the extras (like sausage, veggies and cheese, etc.) you put in the muffin tins.

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