Saturday, August 4, 2012


I have to say that learning how to sew at an early age has come in quite handy for this vertically challenged individual!

And...Why is it that most sundresses are made for the woman with tiny boobs? It drives me nuts! I may not be well endowed but I've got cleavage! How is someone who needs to wear a bra supposed to wear this?

Why the twist on the shoulder? Really? Where is a bra strap supposed to hide?

And did you notice how low cut it is too? A man must have designed this dress!!

As well as the fact that it is dragging the floor...This mannequin is about my height. Very convenient! (That part I do understand. You can always shorten clothing.)

Well...Now that I have untwisted the shoulder, taken it up in the shoulder and sewed up some V part together...I now have a place to hide a bra and it is no longer too long!

Yay! I have a new maxi-sundress!