Thursday, September 30, 2010

Recycling projects

Recycling projects...or should I say upcycling projects?



I just found this great blog, A Little Hut. I'm not positive where I found it. I think...from Craft Magazine on Facebook. But this blog shows some great tutorials on how to make some fantastic craft projects by recyling something that everyone has in their houses. I can't wait to try some of these.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Photo giveaway

My good friend, Carrie of Wash My Cloth on Etsy, is having a giveaway on her blog. She is giving away a 5 x 7 photo. And I have to tell you...she has a great eye for a picture. Her is the link to her blog Weaver Girl Guz. All you need to do is follow the simple directions on her blog to be eligible.

Have fun! And good luck! (Not too much luck, though...I want it!)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Torture or inspiration?

Many of you are probably saying..."OK, I give...What is it?" That's exactly what the TSA agent said to us when I tried to go through airport security with it.

It's my cervical traction machine.

I get to lay on the floor (good thing I don't have bad knees too), and stick my head into this contraption  1-3 times a day (usually 2 times) for 15 minutes at a time. 

I won't explain how it works, but it's not really all that bad. 

Especially when:
(1) I get to lay undisturbed, even when other people are in the house for 15 minutes.
(2) I get to listen to my iPod (do you see it sitting next to the traction machine, in a jumbled mess?)
(3) I get inspirations come to me while in it (or is that on it) quite frequently.
(4) and finally...My neck (and back) feels better when I get out of it.

Hey...It can't be too bad if it allows me to get inspirations. The first time I had to use one of these things, I was inspired to make my purses. And thanks to my friend Carrie, from washmycloth, I now also have a shop. She convinced me to do it. Other inspirations such as, ideas for purses and solutions to problems, have come to me while doing my traction.

This past week, while laying in my torture machine thinking...a few more inspirations came to me. 

Dare I say it?

I love this thing! 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bad Evening (revised)

Pete left to go to the gym and all hell seemed to break loose! Why does this usually happen when he leaves the house? It's almost as if the children's personalities change when he walks out of the room.

For some reason, every thing I said led Danny to be "short" with me. Then of course, I got ticked at him. The whole evening went on like that. GAAH!!!

Then a little later, Alex handed me back the sheets I tried to take to sign earlier, but he took back from me. Now he was deciding to tell me that I "needed to fill them out now". I asked him if he "was kidding me"...he couldn't believe it. I then proceeded to tell him that "I would get it done in my own sweet time since he took it from me in the first place". Some nerve that kid's got! I wonder where he got that from? It couldn't have been from me could it? Nah!

Then when Pete gets home...he stays away from me. Now I feel totally alienated! He didn't even come and say "hi" to me when he walked in the door.

All in all it was a wonderful evening! (Can you hear the sarcasm?)

The only saving grace is that when Danny woke up this morning, first thing he said to me was "I'm sorry".

Now, that one put a big smile on my face...all is good with the world again.