Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pintember: Jewelry Hanger

I changed up this one a little bit. Here Is the pin that inspired me to clean up part of my mess...

Here is the problem...

In that mess there are:

3 rings
1 bracelet
1 anklet
1 watch
13 pairs of post earrings
5 pairs of hook earrings!!!

What a mess! All within a 4" circle! 

Every time I want something from the tiny dish I need to dump it on my bed!

And the worst part is that there are more that I would like to have easily accessible too...

So here it goes...

I will be taking  3 different sizes of embroidery hoops and filling it with a light   colored crinoline, since I'm not a lace type of girl. It's a color that matches the fabric from a future project to be done this month.

Sorry, the pictures are a little blurry. But I think you have the idea. Just so you know...I put all of my real earrings on the small ring that can be popped into my night stand in case workers or someone else are coming in the house. I also hung each ring up with just an ordinary straight pin. I have been told that they can hold up to 5 pounds each. I'm pretty sure my earrings will be safe on them!

And did you notice? There is space for plenty more!

And it only came to $4.76 plus tax! Without coupons! Thanks Hobby Lobby!

Definitely a great pin!

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  1. That is an excellent idea! I love that you didn't use the black lace, that was a bit boudoir for you!