Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Month of Gratitude

As Month of Gratitude comes to a close, I have not done too well with posting what I am grateful for every day...

What I am most grateful for in my life is my loving husband, Pete.

He is caring, loving, protective (sometimes too much), forgiving, understanding, serious, and goofy all at the same time. My life would be much more difficult and lonely without him. 

I know that the month is over but I think it is a great thing to keep reminding ourselves how easy it can be to grateful some days. I will continue on with these kind of posts when I feel it is warranted. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Month of Gratitiude: day 17

I know I skipped a few days but here goes day 17...

Product Image Ace TekZone Wrist Wrap - Right (S/M)

My wrist brace (this is not on my hand, again, my pic would not download)...without which, some days would be much tougher than they would have been.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Reincarnated from a dog?

I think my 11 year old son, D, was reincarnated from a dog...i just realized this.
Bagle Hound - Emma

I'm not sure if I actually believe in reincarnation but if I do...than D was definitely a dog.

-pretended to be a dog when he was younger quite frequently, we called him "Shadow" then, he still does once in a while
-turned into a dog loving kid
-whenever he sees a dog he shouts it out, kind of like one dog barking at another on the street
-always points out squirrels and bunnies when he sees them, can't get back to what he was doing until it is gone from sight
-easily distractable
-needed to have parent with him when he was a baby to sleep
-still sleeps better when he does have parents in room, for instance in a hotel, when we are all in the same room
-likes to know where all of his family is at all times
-doesn't like being alone, unless it is on his own terms
-needs lots of physical "loving", he needs about 20 hugs a day...at least, if not more
-he eats like a slob, there is always something either on the table (next to the plate) or something that finds it's way to the floor

There are probably more things that my son has in common with a canine but I can't think of it at the moment...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Month of Gratitude: day 11

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff--and it's all small stuff (Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Series)The boys are driving me nuts this morning...BTW,  I don't think that the "click to look inside" works. (I just copy and pasted the picture from Amazon.) And the fact that D totally hates the idea of me wanting him to read it makes it even better! I personally think that everybody should read it to make more patient people in this world.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Month of Gratitude: day 10

Gladiola, the woman who helped my parents take care of me and my siblings, as well as taking care of my parents and house too for 23 yrs...for teaching me how to sew when I was a kid. Now I am able to mend clothes (like A's coat instead of buying a new one) and create other things to wear.

Month of Gratitude: day 9

My picture refused to download (all three times) I tried to, yesterday...

Sweet recipes that let you hide veggies like carrots and zucchini. It has a different texture than most zucchini breads but it's tasty.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Month of Gratitude: day 8

Definitely not a fancy dinner but candle light is nice. D's idea.  Made dinner even better. Boy, three little candles put off lots of light. I was afraid that A would complain "It's too dark. It makes me sad." But he didn't. Yahoo! We actually eat by candlelight. Fun!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Month of Gratitude: day 7

I can't leave my other son's picture out. He made it into the district's art show 4 yrs ago. And he never thought he was good at art. "Frank Lloyd Wright's Flowers." He has actually made a more impressive  piece of artwork that I framed, but I can't take a picture of it, it has too much of a glare...Andy Worhol style portrait but of himself...Fantastic!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Month of Gratitude: day 6

My son's (actually both not just this one's) art work. This particular piece made it into the school district's art show at a local museum. When I told D that I was going to frame it (I was proud of him) he got a huge smile "Really?"..."Yes, really."

Friday, November 5, 2010

Month of Gratitiude

A day of gratitude is going to come once a week it seems...

day 2:

Family outings! (Chimney Bluffs State Park, NY- this particular place reminds us that the world around us is constantly changing) We love going on adventures hiking! P.S. The matching shirts weren't noticed until the boys hit the car...sorry, too late to change.

day 3:

Goofiness that comes with my boys...it helps me smile.

day 4:

Waterfalls...natural or man-made. I can watch them for hours. This one is man-made and at Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls, NY (another adventure).

day 5:

Knowing  that my friend Angela's son is going to love and enjoy playing with this hand-me-down (that took my youngest son until he was 11 years old to finally be ready to let go) as much as we all did. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Just spotted this today...

I'm going to try doing it...Everyday I'll just show a picture for things I'm thankful for. Just so you know...these are in no particular order. They are just what happens to make me feel good the day that I post.

Starting today...

My boys! (All three of them.)