Thursday, December 24, 2009

I hate "having films taken"

I went to the neurologist yesterday. The PA ordered 2 x-rays and a MRI. I've been there before, and I really do not want to be "going there" again...but I'm guessing that I do not really have a choice.

The pain in my neck and shoulders is not going to leave me much of a chance to not get it checked well as the numbness and tingling in my hands. I would like to just get started doing the things I need to do again, even if it does cause me pain.

Pete is going to get too tired out's not fair to him or to the boys, because Pete will run out of both time and energy for doing things with them.

The PA also gave me some pain meds, so that will help...not that I want to take too many of them. Since I also have Crohn's Disease I cannot take Advil or Motrin, which is the average person's pain med. Not for me...The only pain meds I can take are Tylenol, which does nothing or narcotics, which I really do not like to take unless I'm desperate.

Well, I guess I will see what's going on after I get the tests taken.

Not really looking forward to this...again. I kinda of wish it were possible to ignore this, but it's not.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I forgot!

I did finally clean up the mess in my sewing room on Sunday. It only took me a week to clean it up. Or should I say to even attempt to start putting anything away. But all of my items have been put away. You can now walk in the room and across the floor again.

And would you husband asks me if I did anything while he was gone. He obviously had not walked into the "study" where he keeps a good portion of his clothing.

I'm learning...

Well...Last Thursday, I took a class at the library. It was how to use Excel. I used to use Lotus 1-2-3 when I was a manager at Kmart, eons ago, and I did not remember anything about it the first day I tried to sit down and use Excel. You would think I would have been able to do something...NOT! I couldn't get the stupid spreadsheet to do anything for me and I couldn't even begin to try to figure out where to get any answers.

Hopefully now I'll be able to use it to help me do my taxes, as well as my new joint venture with my parents. My Dad makes "screen bugs". My Mom makes dragonflies on suction cups. Both could be considered home decor jewelry. I will post pictures when I actually receive them, they will be mailing them to me since they live in Forida. They cannot sell these things on Ruby Lane(,
since they are neither vintage or regular jewelry. So they have asked me to post them on Etsy. I will get half of the selling price for my troubles. Not too bad...

I have also opened up an new email account so that I can open up a new shop ( for all of the lace and trims that my parents sent me, that I know I will not be using. They can't use them and they can't sell them easily (unless they use ebay), but for now they are concentrating on Not just MUSI bows.

But...I will have to try to figure out how to keep track of each of the sales, so that everyone gets the money they deserve. A spreadsheet should make that easy...Should...Hopefully I can figure it all out.

I also hope that I'm not making a big mistake by doing know...getting into business with my parents.

Only time will tell!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Brother helping brother?

I forgot to finish this post up last week when it happened during the boys snow day last week...

I couldn't believe it...Alex offered to help Danny with his project on their snow day. I was amazed! Alex asked Danny if they could play the board game that Danny created as a book project. After they were done playing Danny was able to make some minor adjustments to his game (and rules) and finally finish his project. Alex had to make his own game 2 years ago himself, so he knew that it would make it easier to write the rules after playing.

Thanks Alex! That was a very nice "big brother" thing to do.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's still a mess

I looks like a bomb hit my sewing room!

I did the craft show on Friday, December 4th. I still haven't put away any of my things. My sewing room/study is still a mess. You would never think that I had the floor all cleaned up a week ago.

The kids have a snow day today...mind you, there are only a couple of inches on the ground and it's not even snowing now. So I'm guessing, that today would be a good day to clean it up...again.

I have all of these great ideas for new projects only I have no room to work on them. I'm still trying to finish Danny's bathrobe that I started before before I committed to go to the show. I guess it's a good thing he hasn't really needed it yet (his old one still kind of fits).

I'm going to get off the computer, eat breakfast and then dive in...this need to get cleaned, I can't live with this...and I'm sure it's driving Pete absolutely nuts!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's not working...

I'm trying to get some work's not really working.

I did post a new item this morning. I've been on the computer for about an hour but I cannot really think of anthing else that I have accomplished.

I need to post more items.

I need to do some ironing before I can take pictures.

I need to get in the shower, before I walk across the street to borrow the light box from my neighbor, so that I can take the pictures.

I need to be by the phone until my nother in law calls with news of my father in law (she brought him to the emergency room last night).

I can't focus...

I'm going to try to go in the shower, bring the phone into the bathroom with me, and just get out as fast as I can. I don't know if my mother in law will want me to come to the hospital to keep her company. My father in law may need a procedure done, waiting alone sucks.

I just might not get anything done that I want to get done...and I actually had a great plan for today...this has thrown me all off...

I hope he's okay.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Craft show tomorrow

I know I've been neglecting my blog but I have my first craft show tomorrow and I'm still not ready. I'll talk about it after it's all done...