Friday, April 29, 2011

Weight gain (con't)

Just  went to my GYN yesterday, just for a regular check up. Haven't been there in about 2 yrs.

First thing I said, "Yes, I know I've gained weight."

She looks at  me then the numbers and goes, "Um yea, looks like it."

I then reply, "I haven't weighed this much since I was full term with D." (I was sick with Crohn's issues and only gained 16 pounds.)

Then she started to search for the real number.

Umm..."No thanks not looking forward to knowing the facts for sure.Thanks."

At the end of the appointment I asked. "Is it bad?Is it too much? [Other than the fact that you may need to buy new clothes soon]'re fine. We can all use to loose a few pounds. You'll be OK." (Well...she inferred the bracket part earlier.)

So I'm fine but I may be bulging out of my clothes. I can tell you this much. I haven't tucked a shirt in, in a while...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Weight gain

The only time I have weighed this much is when I was pregnant with my boys. I was very depressed yesterday. The icing on the cake of depression was that I had to buy a new, larger size bra. Some women would like this. Not me! I can't stand seeing women popping out of their bras and that's what I've been doing these days.  So now I own a "fat bra". You in "fat clothes". I'm hating it! I have never owned any fat clothes before!.  I do still fit into my size 6 jeans which I have still fit into even tho I have gained 20 pounds in the last 20 years. Legitimately fit into these jeans, as in the next size is too know, they can slide off of my hips. Nothing like the clothing companies who do the "vanity sizing", gotta love it!

I have this beer type belly (that goes above the waist band of my mid rise jeans). I feel like I look like those teens with the muffin tops that need to go up a size. I always think about them..."be realistic!"

I know this doesn't sound bad but I refuse to even try buy any more clothes until my size stabilizes. This extra size is coming from the no exercising allowed with my nerve damage in my arms and bursitis in my hips. For now both of them are better...I will be hitting the gym tons. I do not want to be hitting the summer this year feeling like I've deceived myself about my clothing size.

Time to really hit the gym...really cut the calories and really lose weight (or get smaller, I know muscle weighs more than fat).

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm not brain-dead anymore!?!

I have always felt that I am an intelligent individual...but not quite so much in the last few years. I haven't really used my brain since I was a Kmart Manager, before my almost 14 year old (tomorrow) was born.

When my friend Carrie, offered me a job to help with her job doing something called abstracting...part-time (depending on how I'm feeling)...I said "I'm not sure if I'm smart enough." She then proceeded to tell me "Of course you are!"

Ummm...I beg to differ.

Legal jargon? Really? You want me to figure out what it says and summarize it on this form? Really?

OK...I'll give it a try.

It's been almost 2 months and only about 11 or 12 leases later (it took a couple of weeks to get started, and then I got sick for a week, then I was in the learning stages) and I am finally confident with doing it...I think.

She says I'm on track...I hope I am...Or I'm not as smart as anyone thought I was...

Ever heard "she's not as smart as she looks"? That could be me...