Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So sad...

I just found out that my old school crush, Caleb, committed suicide on Monday. I had a crush on him all thru school starting, I think, back in 1st grade. I just saw him in June for our 25th high school reunion. I even confessed to him that I had always had this crush. Caleb had always been popular, good looking and sweet. He never seemed to realize just how good looking he was, at least he never showed it. He was always friendly to me even though I wasn't exactly popular like him. I wonder what he was thinking...he had a gorgeous wife, 2 beautiful children (young children, who now have to make it without their father), a great job (not that I'm sure it was he dream job or not). But OMG, what makes people do things like that? I wonder if going to the high school reunion made things worse for him? I don't have a very "sucessful" life, but even I enjoyed going to the reunion. It didn't make me feel any worse than I did before. If anything...I think it has made me even more motivated to succeed at making my purses and yoga bags. No one that I chose to speak to put me down. Something that many people in our school might have done 25 years ago.

All I can say is OMG!!!

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