Friday, September 25, 2009

Many issues

There were many "issues" in my house this morning. Getting the kids ready for school today was...shall I say...less than enjoyable. To start off, today is picture day in school. So nobody got dressed until breakfast was eaten and teeth were brushed. Alex was a real pain about what he was going to eat. Then, we got a call this morning from Danny's friend saying that if Danny was walking to school with him, then he needed to be at his house in less than 10 minutes. He hadn't even eaten breakfast yet. I made him something for him to eat while walking...but of course, it got left on the kitchen counter. That is Danny's tortilla and cheese rolled up, sitting on the cutting board. Whose fault was that? Of course it was mine...who else's fault could it have possibly been? Not Danny's...I should have just said "you don't have time, NO". But he started to whine, he's been looking forward to this all week, and he whines at too much that I absolutely can not or will not let him have, so since I thought it would be possible...I tried it. Not again!
OMG! These are the mornings I hate being a mom...I thought that we were finally past having problems getting ready for school. I can tell you...I am not looking forward to when the boys need to get up an hour and a half earlier when they start high school...I'm just glad I have almost 2 years to wait for that one...

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