Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's starting to get cold at night

Well...it's starting to get cold at night. Pretty soon we are going to need to start using comforters...I guess that means that I will need to work (very consistently) on Danny's comforter. He will need to have his really soon. He gets colder at night than the rest of us do, since he has very little body fat (thanks to gymnastics).

I am so sorry that I had to take on this project or that I decided to make it striped...I should have just made it color blocked, you know only about 4 seams on a side. It would have been much easier. Hindsight is great! It's a pity I didn't learn a lesson from my mom. When I was pregnant with Alex, she asked me what kind of blanket did I want her to knit/crochet for the baby's room. She gave me her pattern books and left it up to me. Guess what? I'm still waiting for it! Almost 13 years later. I wonder what she did with all of that beautiful yarn... I thought that once I was pregnant with Danny she would have rushed through it, but I don't even think she attempted it again.

I will have it finished within 7 days...I hope. I will post a picture of it (on his bed) when I'm done.

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