Monday, September 14, 2009


I sure hope that Alex's mood has changed greatly from yesterday. He argued with my husband over the stupidest little thing...forever yesterday (after all of the arguing with me). I'm not sure what bug he got under his bonnet yesterday but...OMG! It was a horrible mood that I hope to not experience any time soon.

He has school well as a new challenge to start. He is going to be taking his math class at a local college, he's 12. It's a special class for kids gifted in math. He has been looking forward to this class since he first heard about it back in January. He had to take an entrance exam, 3hrs long, to get in. And he made it in. I knew he could do it. We are all very proud of him. 350 kids take the test and 60 kids get into the class each year. If he focuses on the class instead of the minor little things that bother him he should be just fine. I think that maybe he was nervous about starting this class today and couldn't find the words to express himself...or didn't want to admit that it was a problem. He's 12, that one happens all of the time. Denial of feelings.

Good luck with your class this afternoon, Alex, and have fun with it! I know it seems weird but my son LOVES math, personally I'm not a fan, but hey...

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