Thursday, September 10, 2009

The gym?

While in Myrtle Beach, I discovered that my body is not as bad as I thought and I had every right to show it off in a bikini...but I couldn't. After seeing a size 20 lady in a string bikini, I thought if she could do it, I could do it (and I'm only a size 6). But you know what?...I still couldn't bring myself to bare my belly. After watching that particular woman, who is obviously confident about her body, wearing a bikini, I made the decision (with my husband's help) join a gym.

Just so you know...I have absolutely nothing against big women (or big people in general). Some of my closest friends and relatives are large. I just feel that if I don't want to be seeing (or have anyone else seeing) my partially naked body why would I want to see someone elses, who is much more out of shape than mine. It is possible to find a sexy bathing suit at almost any size without baring it all (if that is what you are looking for).

I am determined to be bikini ready (meaning...there won't be anyone asking... "what is she doing wearing a bikini?") by the time I need to put on a bathing suit again. Considering I live in a place that only has 3 months of "summer", I have plenty of time.


  1. Congrats! Good for you.
    Nice blog...why didn't you share earlier? I had no idea. Love your banner.