Friday, May 27, 2011

Affirmation Project: day 27

I know I have missed many days of my project...First I went away (without a computer) then I have been working on another project...much more important to my life...

I have been exercising and working on my job as much as possible in between the chauffeuring and appointments and getting the house and boys re-settled after being away for 5 days.

I have made the most important affirmations to these things...
(1) I will get my body to repair itself by being very diligent in keeping to a healthy diet and exercise program.
(2) I will not be distracted by unimportant things and instead keep my mind focused on my job...Get as many leases accomplished each week possible.
(3) I will be as calm as necessary while being the best Mom and wife as possible. I will keep my temper and not let it get away with me as in the past.

I have so far managed to exercise 3 times since Tuesday. I have so far finished 3 1/2 leases in the same amount of time.

It looks like I'm off to a good start.

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