Thursday, May 12, 2011

Affirmation Project: day 12

My Positive: I'm a quick learner. I may need to ask questions a few times or practice while I'm learning but I'm pretty good.

I said once before that I think that people should try to learn something every day. Last night I went to a 45 minute self-defense class given by my son's tae kwon do school. When I heard about it I only debated momentarily, then quickly decided to do it. I was hoping to get a friend to do it with me but I got lazy and only asked one friend and she turned me down flat. (Huh...I think I need to speak to her about that one.) I never got around to asking anyone else. So, I went anyway. I learned some pretty cool moves. It was really fun. Even though it was uncomfortable at first it was a great thing to learn. I'm glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone to go and do this by myself. And I'm glad that I didn't let my husband talk me out of it. (He was afraid I would hurt myself.)

When I came home last night my son asked me to show him all that I had learned. We didn't have much time, of course he asked me at bedtime, so I figured I would satisfy him with the best one we learned. He was pretty impressed that his mom could do it.

My Affirmation: I will step out of my comfort zone more often. When given the chance I will go to what interests me, whether or not I may feel uncomfortable about it or not.

I think you get  even more satisfaction out of something when you do finally decide to step out of your comfort zone. Try it! It's exhilarating!

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