Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Affirmation Project: day 10

I know...I've missed some days. My parents are visiting...

My positive: I have people who care about me. I have some health issues. Whenever I see or speak to certain people they always ask how I'm feeling. Not just "how are ya doing?" it's always "how are you feeling?". It gets tiring after a while to have to keep answering that question. I would like the topic of conversation to be something other than my health problems for a change.

I have decided to live my life as if I had no issues. I do not want to not do something because it might be a problem. I want to do it. If it becomes a problem...then I'll stop. I would like to ignore the fact that I have RA and just live my life. Sometimes I can think it away...but not if everyone keeps asking about it. Once in a while it might be nice, but not all the time.


My Affirmation: I will try to ignore the frequent questions about my health. I will go on as if the question has not even been asked.

I know this seems strange but i'm giving it a try.

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