Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thing a Day:15

I know that I have skipped a bunch of days but I am trying to get back on track...

My thing on the 15th was to take a trip to my local Penzey's Spice store (with my husband).

Get a catalog

My husband, Pete, decided that his Valentine's Day Present to me would be to take the day off from work to spend with me. I love spending the day with my hubby...even if it's just running errands. But this errand was special and fun for both of us.

This store is full of spices and herbs...and you get to smell each and every one of them. You get attacked at the door with the conglomeration (is that actually a real word?) of smells.

The best part of shopping there...and finding a new seasoning is that you will be able to make different kinds of dishes and flavors that you couldn't before. Now it is time to do 2 more "things". They will be coming in the next few days. (1) Re-organize the spice cabinet so that we can find everything. (2) Search for new recipes that we'd like to try. Hopefully D will eat at least some of them.

Everyone should take a look at the catalog. (Clicking on the picture of the catalog will get you to the page to order a catalog.) We have been using their products for about 10 years and we love 'em.

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