Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thing a Day: 2

We finally have a snow day! Our first for the school year.

I am trying to teach my son how to make one of these snowflakes/stars:

This is his first attempt (I figured we would just make it out of magazine pages):

He forgot to flip it over. In the mean time, I made this. (Keep in mind, I've done this before.)

It looks like I will end up with a 8 pointed star...hey, whatever works right?

My son got very annoyed. decided to quit. Then he says..."Learning how to make it takes the mystery and beauty out of it." I think he's decided he doesn't want to learn it after all.

That's OK.

He just joined his brother in shoveling the driveway. They said the snow is really heavy but didn't give up right away. 


P.S. If anyone want to learn how to make these, visit my friend's blog here.

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