Friday, February 4, 2011

Thing a Day: 4

Today TAD has to do with helping my sons, who are both boy scouts.

First, I took the "Youth Protection Training".

***imagine picture of certificate with my name and the date*************************************

Then I will be sewing on a total of 5 merit badges. Three for one kid. Two for the other kid.

***imagine a picture with 2 olive green sashes. One with 6 sewn on, 3 pinned on. The other with only 2 pinned on.*********************************

(My son did something to my camera. My pictures will not download but a screen shot of his video game does, each time I try it. I think he has forgotten that he has his own camera.)


  1. How 'bout...Darn kid! ehh...I'll just have the other kid fix it for me over the weekend.