Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thing a Day: 7

TAD 7 didn't really happen...
I have been dizzy (no really, dizzy, not just ditzy) since Saturday. I haven't managed much since then. I think the only reason why I was able to go snow shoeing the other day is because I had the poles to steady me.

Have you ever felt like you were motion sick...but were just walking on hard ground. That has been me since Saturday. Even turning my head made me dizzy.

My hubby is a physical therapist and was looking through his old books to see what could be wrong. Sometimes it's bad to know stuff. He's looking at all kinds of diagnoses...virus (ok)...auto-immune disease (really? I already have 2...please be wrong)...

Finally, I went to the doctor Monday night (after Pete got home to drive me). She discovered that I had fluid behind my ear...causing motion sickness.


...and I have to say...I LOVE motion sickness patches!
(This is what I'm using.)


  1. Be VERY careful washing your hands and not touching the patch. This is what I got in my eye and had to wear sunglasses for days, totally dilated my eyes. Even itching your hair near the patch...wash your hands.

  2. uh,oh. D touched it right before he left for school and he's a big face toucher...