Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thing a Day: 6

I know I missed day 5, but I found myself sick yesterday. I was unable to do much of anything but lay down (somewhere near the bathroom).


My family and I have been trying to go snow shoeing since the beginning of December but there is always something that doesn't cooperate, whether it's the weather or my health.

Today, everything did cooperate. It almost didn't though. It was actually kind of funny.

Since my son has grown about 8" since the last time he wanted snow pants...we ran into a bit of a problem. It's a good thing that I'm short (5'3").

My 13 year old son ended up wearing the snow pants marked "womens medium". I wore the pair marked "14/16". They were a little shorter (in the crotch) than I would have liked...but I "sucked it up".

Then we went to a nearby park. walked around, ran around, made snow angels,

threw snowballs at each other, and watched a couple of dogs having a ball in the snow.

 I love watch animals play in the snow.

We all had a great time, followed by hot chocolate for the boys and tea for me.

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