Friday, October 2, 2009

Helping my Mom

The past few weeks I have been helping my Mom get her on line shop looking good. She is on Ruby Lane and they do not have forums to help her (with critiques) like Etsy does. It has been very frustrating. For some reason, she seems to be incapable of writing a description. (Mind you...she always helped my with my homework, including English, as a kid)I have told her before that she needs to let the buyer really see it, as if it were in their hands, by use of pictures and words. She has been very minimalist. I don't really get a picture of what she has posted with the way she makes her listings. I'm not asking her to be wordy. I'm just asking her to be complete. Finally, I decided to tell her that she should describe it as if the buyer were blind. I also added a few questions that she should be thinking about while writing the descriptions. Let's see what kind of listings come out of this advise.

It's funny...I feel almost like the roles are reversed. My Mom has been so critical of me my whole life and now she is asking me to be critical of her. It feels both good and bad. Kind of like I get to get back at her but yet I don't really like the feeling of being sooo critical. I think it is because she is not really listening, even though she has asked for my advice. Is she trying to let me know what it felt like to be my mom all these years? Or does she really not understand it?

Anyone want to help me help my mom with a critique? If's a link to her shop.

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