Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flu shots?

Should we all get flu shots? Pete already took his (at work). I've got Crohn's and on Remicade (going today, btw), and the last time I got a shot it made me sick...do I take it again? Danny's always picking up some virus or cold. Alex...well, if everyone else in the house gets one, shouldn't he? This seem more of a necessity than normal. The boys haven't had shots before, but I think we need to do it this year. Or are we just being paranoid? There has only been the flu in this house once in the last 10 yrs...is there any real wood for me to knock on? I really don't want to jinx our family. I'm normally not superstitious but with this...I always try to "knock wood".


  1. Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor!

    I think flu shots are ridiculous. They only protect you from the major strain of the season, not all flu. Some people get the flu from the flu shot (though milder I think).
    This year there are two shots--but don't get me started on the over the top mass-hysterics of the swine flu.
    I'm a believer that our immune systems are designed to work--they require "bugs" in order to get better and continue protecting us. Guarding our immune systems from every germ and virus will not benefit you in the long run.

    Needless to say, my husband, my 17 mth old, and I (7 1/2 mth pregnant) will not be getting flu shots.

  2. My biggest problem is that I have crohn's disease and my immune system is compromised because of it, as well as from the medicine I take. I can get really sick (hospital sick) if I do get it. Then what?

  3. However, you also said the shot made you sick last time. So I guess that is a dilemma.

  4. Finally, a blog that isn't trying to sell me something! From my personal experiences as a physician, I've learned that flu shots are very important for all people, especially the elderly and young children.

  5. Nope...I'm not trying to sell you anything...just trying to live life and hope that someone out there sometimes feels the same way as I do.

    Now Margaret, Drs. always say "young children". How young is "young"?

    Alex had blood tests in May and we discovered that he still had walking pneumonia. So he just finished a course of Biaxin and today he had a pneumonia shot.

    BTW...how did you find my blog?