Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bad nail polish?

I have to say...there are not many things I like about my body, but I have fantastic finger nails. They are thick and strong so I do not usually do not put polish on them. I am also constantly getting compliments on them, they are long and pretty. However, I went to a wedding this weekend and felt like putting polish on to match my dress, it just completes my outfit for me.

Well...I have to tell you something very funny...

Danny hates it. At times when he notices it he will not let me near him. Who knew that he would have such an issue with me wearing finger nail polish? I wear it on my toes all summer long and he has never had any problems with it. Danny says "it just plain, creeps me out!" It is not like I have some bizarre color on, it's just a frosty dark pink.

It's been really funny, but at times, now it has been inconvenient. Danny still likes for us to read him a story before bed, hey we will still do it as long as he will let us. But with Peter sick, it is hard for him to read aloud so I was going to. But Danny is not letting me because of the polish on my nails. Too funny! And too annoying too. Whatever...his choice.

Danny is also very big into hugs. He asks for at least 10 a day just from me. But with the polish on my nails he double takes and rethinks it, each time. But he decides that the hug is more important than the polish. He had asked me to take it off. I told him that "I will take it off when it starts to chip, and not before." It was not a manicure that I paid for, just an old bottle that I already owned. Should I let him control this? I personally don't think so...he is 10, now if he was 3 and it scared him that would be a whole other story, but he's not.

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