Thursday, July 9, 2009

We love a hike...

Keeping the kids busy (cheaply) was very easy today. My husband had the day off so we went to the Niagara (Falls) Gorge. It's nice living really close to Niagara Falls. We get to visit without a long hawl (approx 25 mins). We packed up a lunch and set off. We were planning on exploring a section of the gorge that we hadn't been to before but they were repairing the stairs and taking the other stairs would have added another 2 miles to the hike. D would not have made it up. There are some 200 or so steps (never actually counted). I just know that everyone stops at least twice to rest on their way up. The path we ended up taking had caution tape on it so D thought we were gonna get in trouble for crossing the tape. Then we saw a few other parties of people who had also crossed over. He felt much better about not getting into trouble. After a while we bumped into a great spot near the water (off the path) that looked safe to go to. Again D thought we were going to get in trouble, there were signs everywhere that said that if you went off the path you would be prosecuted, so he was nervous. We decided to "cop a squat", Pete's words, (and A had never heard them before and was quite confused) and have our lunch there. It was beautiful. We got to watch both a loon and a gull go fishing for their lunch, while we ate ours.

While we were hiking my husband, Pete, came up with and idea about D and his reading. Since he is reading these great books during the summer, why doesn't he write a summary of each one now. He can use some of these if the genre is right, for his next school year. I know it is cheating a little but hey...he did read the book... and I think he will run out of time next school year to do all the reading they want from him. D is going to be going to gymnastics for 4 days a week (12 hrs). He will probably need to rewrite it to make it appropriate for the project anyway, his summary will just be a reminder for him. Is this cheating too much?

It was a pretty tiring day. After we got home we just vegged for a few hours. Vegging is good when you've been outside all day, even if it involves a screen. But actually the kids barely played video games when they came home, They mostly read. Tomorrow I believe it will be a long bike ride for the four of us ending in a trip to the ice cream shop. Yum!

No sewing today yet...maybe a little later...but I did finish another bag last night.

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