Saturday, July 11, 2009

I wish he would listen the first time...

Yesterday was quite trying. My husband was camping. Both Danny and Alex had things I needed them to do. Alex was supposed to put away his laundry that has been sitting for the last 3 days. Danny was supposed to write a summary of the last book he finished. He did agree to write it, 2 days ago. Neither one happened. I was waiting and reminding but so far only half of a summary was written and there was lots of yelling in the house this afternoon. I was guessing it's never gonna happen. I'm just going to let Pete deal with the summary himself. It was his idea in the first place. We ended up going to walk to the local grocery store instead. We always try to walk if we do not have tons to buy. Since it had finally stopped raining, we would give it a try.
I'm giving up on making them do these types of things, the stress is not worth it. None of it is required, for now. I'll just dump Alex's clothes on his bed and he can just deal with it. And with Danny...I'll let Pete tell him what to do when he gets home. He'll probably do it the first time he asks. Thats what gets me soooo mad.

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