Thursday, July 23, 2009

I've gotten some stuff done...

Well so far I've gotten the clothes and toys to consignment...just about finished steam cleaning the carpet (needed a break), but I havn't gotten anywhere with Danny's comforter. I have thankfully gotten advice from 3 people as to how to finish the at least I now know how I will be finishing it. I will be using a version of hand tying, I will be using buttons instead of just the knot showing. When I'm done with rinsing the carpet I will start sewing. It needs to be off of Alex's floor by about 3:30pm tomorrow.

I probably would have gotten much further (on my list) had I been actually feeling better. For the last week my tummy has not been feeling well and it started getting worse yesterday. It is feeling a little better now so I need to get moving before it gets bad again.

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