Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is it dangerous?

We had a fun afternoon planned yesterday. Once again my husband was off (he has several vacation days to use up before the end of July), and we were planning to go to miniture golf (they call it putt-putt around here), and then play tennis later on the town courts. It was beautiful, but cool, outside. Then, as Danny, my 9 yr old, was waiting in the driveway for the rest of us, he decided to ride his scooter. The scooter that he has wanted for 2 yrs that I talked my husband into buying. Mind you...he bought a trampoline, with a surround, without even consulting me. Back to Danny. We had each walked back inside for a second to do something, to suddenly hear a blood curdling scream. My first thought... he broke something. He didn't. He just scraped up his left hand really bad. I'm glad (1) he's a righty, and (2) his gymnastics this week doesn't really include using the apparatus, like it usually does. Of course, as soon as my huband reaches Danny (I got there first), he says "I knew the scooter wasn't a good idea..." So now Danny falling and hurting himself is my fault...lovely...

So, after I patched him up and gave him some tylenol (by the way we weren't yet positive that he didn't break something), he sat and vegged in front of the tv for a while. Then next thing we know Danny was having a fun noodle fight (you know those foam things you use in the pool). I guess nothing's broken. Then we finally got a chance to play tennis. We skipped the putt-putt, we figured that the club would be tough to hold. At least we got a chance to have fun...And Pete didn't mention the dangers of the scooter to me later. Personally, I don't think a scooter is any worse than roller blades. But I guess that's just me.

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