Monday, July 6, 2009

My first summer...

I have never blogged before but I thought I might give it a try...

This is the first summer that my 2 sons have had almost nothing scheduled. The 9 yr old, D, only has 4 days of scout camp which my husband is going to go with him. He also has gymnastics class for 5 weeks in the evenings, but his days are free otherwise. My 12 yr old, A, has one week of scout camp as well, he goes on his own, and he has one week of science camp at a local college. Other than those, he is totally free.

This is also the first summer since I have started Jeans and a Sweater. I am trying to balance keeping them busy and trying to create and post items for my shop. I don't think it is working too well.

My biggest problem is keeping them occupied with out them wanting to play video games. The weather has not been the greatest so far this summer. We spent our Forth of July evening bundled up in jeans and sweatshirts. That has never happened before. There was even dew on my blanket that I had only placed on the ground about an hour before. Kinda creepy...A keeps blaming it on global warming.

In good weather, there is the local pool, bike rides, our trampoline, water fights, and hikes. In bad weather, there is the library (and reading), science museum, renting movies (preferably from the library, aka, free), playing board and card games. After a while it all gets old. I'm trying to think of lots of new things to do before they start to complain that they are bored. I would also like to be able to fit in creating. But as you can see...I'm not doing that, I'm just playing on the computer.

I will figure it out soon, before I kill my kids or they kill each other, which is more likely. I love them dearly but sometimes they just drive me nuts!

Today we went to a library near a bike path. D was complaining he was bored until A showed him a tiny toad. We saw all kinds of beautiful things while we were there: 2 toads, dozens of snails and slugs (D had to move most of them to the side of the path, he almost stopped walking 'cause he squished one himself), a doe and her 2 fawn, a dragonfly, a bunch of dining needles, and some pretty flowers. Most of these things are now immortalized on my new cell phone's camera. There were a few ladies walking around on their lunch hour, totally getting a kick out of us and the pictures. I do have to say though...D took a picture of some tiger lilies that are now the wallpaper on my phone. So all in all today ended up pretty nice. With a great souvenir on my phone!

Yay! I hope a lot of days end up like today...My perfect day would have also had a bunch of sewing...maybe tomorrow...

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