Thursday, September 8, 2011

Do SomeTHING: day 8

Today's someTHING was going to be cooking...only it ended up being a big cleaning project instead.

Really? Ugg!


I had to dump the onion skins out of the crisper. Then I had to look to see if there was dust/crumbs on the floor of the fridge. Instead, I found a hard, stuck on mess on the back of the fridge. It must have been  a really old spill that either nobody noticed or thought that it just needed a little bit of wiping up on a higher shelf. I couldn't just leave it could I? Of course not!

First, I tried some "409". Then I thought that the "Mr Clean Eraser" was going to be my best friend...NOPE!

OK...will it scrape off?

Yes, thank you!

It all started out because I just wanted to start some onions caramelizing to try to make some leftover chicken a little more interesting.

Now...a half hour later, I finally have two clean crisper drawers, a clean shelf (thank goodness they are glass or the mess would have been even worse) and the back wall and floor of the refrigerator are sparkling clean. But still no caramelized onions!

I guess I better get to chopping some onions!

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