Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Do SomeTHING: day 7

Well, since yesterday was the first day of school for my 2 boys, 7th and 9th grade, I haven't gotten a chance to do "someTHING" in particular to note. I've been just trying to catch up a little.

It was the first time in 3 weeks since I hit the gym, for one thing. Then I pushed myself too hard that I ended up needing to veg for a bit and then get dinner started, bathrooms cleaned, etc. Everything very mundane and not much to speak of by itself.

Today, I have organized...once again. (I'm hoping that I don't have too much of that left to do...besides my sewing supplies.

This morning, however...

I decided that I was going to hit the 7th grader's room looking for things to toss. Not only did I find things to toss but I also found things to recycle and things to reuse.

And I certainly hope that he doesn't see this particular blog post. He won't miss any of his old stuff if he doesn't know that I made it disappear. If you read this AND know D...Please do not tell him!


The "Recycles" are obvious but maybe a bit confusing. D thought he was going to make something with these pieces of cardboard. I think it is time for me to give up hope on that thought for these particular pieces. They were full of cobwebs! Yuck! And I did actually touch them after I searched to make sure that the critter who produced them was nowhere in sight.

Now the "Re-use " pile...

I have decided to add these to the goodies that I have found around the house to have kids choose from on Halloween night. I will still give out some candy but I gave out some "prizes" last year that have been found around the house. They were all left over from old goody bags...extras that never made it into the bags to begin with. The little ones loved it!

So I decided that instead of tossing out D's old stuff (that has been hanging around for eons), I'd let the little cuties pick their own again. This time however...I will be turning over the goodies that D had received in many bags from years ago and has not looked at in those same many years. Now some new children can enjoy them for a few days just like D did once, long ago.

I have to tell you...

Before, there were many things spread out under his bed. All that was not in the  storage boxes were collecting cobwebs.

Now, there are only the 2 boxes, a roll of posters and his RC plane under there. Not only did I clean up under the bed but I managed to get some things from under his stool and his desk into the under-bed storage boxes as well. I think that even D can't complain about this clean-up session. I think it should turn out to be a win-win!

I hope!

Oh, and I almost forgot!

I found D's boy scout fishing merit badge blue card. He's been looking for it for two months. This house-cleaning was definitely a win-win!

Do SomeTHING is a month long of creativity, project finishing, exploration, and imagination.  What was your THING for today?  Leave your link in the comments for us all to see.

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