Friday, September 2, 2011

Do SomeTHING: day 2

Today...I planned.

My 14 year old son has one of these kinds of pillows (only a cylinder)...

..only it has seen much better days. 

I have decided to dig though the fabulous fabrics my sister-in-law gave to me after she cleaned out her craft area. I probably shouldn't have taken them. I don't really have any room...but I couldn't resist. There are some great simple prints. I found a piece of a fat quarter that would fit around the dead pillow perfectly.

I have planned to make a pillow for my living room. I will actually have a printed pillow in there. Yay!

I wonder what Pete'll say when he sees it? He doesn't seem to like many prints. Tough! It's my living room too and it's only a tiny pillow.

Once the fabric comes out of the laundry I will whip up the pillow. It should be pretty simple. Then you will get to see it...sitting on my couch.

Do SomeTHING is a month long of creativity, project finishing, exploration, and imagination.  What was your THING for today?  Leave your link in the comments for us all to see.

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