Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Is it possible for a person to change?

Some people say it is, some say it isn't...

My 14 year old high school freshman seems to have changed (besides going through puberty). I witnessed it the other morning when he actually managed to rush.

I have been trying to get this kid to rush, to drop steps out of his routine for years! He is one of the most inflexible people I know. He has never managed to do it except for Monday morning.

My husband wakes me up at 6:28 am..."Is A up?"...Umm, I don't think so...

I went to wake him up. He took his normal long shower and then when he comes out he says..."If I just eat a Hot Pocket...I can make the bus."

24 minutes after jumping out of bed...he's out the door!

OMG!!! He made it!!!

I kept listening for the front door to open back up and him to yell up..."I missed it." But he never did.

I guess people can change!

Way to go!!!

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