Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Oh come on...really!!!

I was making cheesy grits for breakfast. Yes, grits. Hey, the lady that helped my parents raise me was southern born. And I love grits!

First of all, I was starving before. It was already after 10 am when I started.

Everything was going great until I went to put salt in and the lid fell off...over the stove, of course!

[This isn't the worse part...I had already started to clean up...only because I didn't know what was going to happen if I burned the salt.]

It made a huge mess! 

Half of the kitchen floor, 3/4's of the stove (only 'cuz there was junk on the other burner), and all around the counter.

So I had to test my luck...Is it salty?

Yup! It tasted like ocean water. OK, it really is time to dump it and start over. At least it wasn't tonights dinner!

OK...I'm still hungry! But I needed to wait for the grits to solidify before I could toss them in the garbage without making another mess.

Sure...when I don't want them to get solid, they do...

Now, they take forever! 

Really?!? Come on!

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