Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm not brain-dead anymore!?!

I have always felt that I am an intelligent individual...but not quite so much in the last few years. I haven't really used my brain since I was a Kmart Manager, before my almost 14 year old (tomorrow) was born.

When my friend Carrie, offered me a job to help with her job doing something called abstracting...part-time (depending on how I'm feeling)...I said "I'm not sure if I'm smart enough." She then proceeded to tell me "Of course you are!"

Ummm...I beg to differ.

Legal jargon? Really? You want me to figure out what it says and summarize it on this form? Really?

OK...I'll give it a try.

It's been almost 2 months and only about 11 or 12 leases later (it took a couple of weeks to get started, and then I got sick for a week, then I was in the learning stages) and I am finally confident with doing it...I think.

She says I'm on track...I hope I am...Or I'm not as smart as anyone thought I was...

Ever heard "she's not as smart as she looks"? That could be me...

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