Friday, April 15, 2011

Weight gain

The only time I have weighed this much is when I was pregnant with my boys. I was very depressed yesterday. The icing on the cake of depression was that I had to buy a new, larger size bra. Some women would like this. Not me! I can't stand seeing women popping out of their bras and that's what I've been doing these days.  So now I own a "fat bra". You in "fat clothes". I'm hating it! I have never owned any fat clothes before!.  I do still fit into my size 6 jeans which I have still fit into even tho I have gained 20 pounds in the last 20 years. Legitimately fit into these jeans, as in the next size is too know, they can slide off of my hips. Nothing like the clothing companies who do the "vanity sizing", gotta love it!

I have this beer type belly (that goes above the waist band of my mid rise jeans). I feel like I look like those teens with the muffin tops that need to go up a size. I always think about them..."be realistic!"

I know this doesn't sound bad but I refuse to even try buy any more clothes until my size stabilizes. This extra size is coming from the no exercising allowed with my nerve damage in my arms and bursitis in my hips. For now both of them are better...I will be hitting the gym tons. I do not want to be hitting the summer this year feeling like I've deceived myself about my clothing size.

Time to really hit the gym...really cut the calories and really lose weight (or get smaller, I know muscle weighs more than fat).


  1. Beleive me, I know how you feel. Since my surgery I have gained 20 lbs. I had lost 50 lbs. these past two years. I am pissed but I cannot even walk. What can I do? My doctor recommended the South Beach diet to me the other day. Hello? Ugh! It's not like I eat a lot. Plus I take medicines that make me gain weight. Depression follows suit automatically...

  2. I was afraid since I'm "still a small person" someone would laugh in my face. Thanks for your understanding, Marie. And I just got a comment on my new bra from Hubby, "Wow, that's a big cup!" Thanks, Hon, I know...

  3. Um, so, I shouldn't, um, laugh? You are beautiful and lovable just the way you are. Stop wasting anxiety on 20 lbs.

  4. Thanks so much C. You are such a good friend. You can definitely laugh at P's comment. But the anxiety (as you call it) also has to do with having to buy a whole new wardrobe...which I'm not willing to do. **pouts like a little girl not getting her way**