Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bad Day

I guess it all started on Saturday when D slipped off of the last step onto the ceramic floor. When he took off his sock on Sunday we discovered that it was very possible that something was broken...either his toe (not too big of a deal) or his metatarsal (that could be a very big deal).  We had no idea. It is kind of hard to tell when the boy cries wolf, ya know? Every injury sounds like it's something big.

I had to drive back and forth between getting D to both the doctor (starting at 1pm) and the x-ray and A to his math class at the college and back home. I felt like a yo-yo.

I figured since we had to wait a little while for A...we'd stop across the street at Mickey D's for a shake and fries...the highlight of my day and D's too I'm sure. We both love that they put whipped cream on top of every shake now-a-days!

Vanilla Triple Thick Shake

By the time we finally got the x-ray and results (at 4:45) we found out that nothing was broken...thank goodness. It is still very swollen. He won't be going to scouts tonight. He'll be staying home with just me. Lots of ice will be involved.

What did we do all night? Let's just say that it was not the most pleasant of nights.

Like I said not a good day...

First, all of the driving I had to do all day (and driving is bad for my body) In all, eight 10-15 minute trips in 4 hours...then the not so fun evening (that I won't even start getting into).

I'm hoping today will be a better day...



  1. Glad to hear nothing is broken.

    I understand the night, ours wasn't so great, either. But you made it through. You are up and typing another day. You can do this. You are strong and capable.
    Today will be better.

  2. Carrie G. is right, you are strong. You are one of the strongest moms I know. Everything will be better. Thank goodness nothing is broken!

  3. "Strong" is a word I would NEVER think to use to describe myself. Thanks ladies!