Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Head start?

I guess I got a head start. I had totally forgotten to check out what this week's de-cluttering project was going to be.

But yesterday I stopped at Office Depot and bought 2 binder de-cluttering tools. One for the little things and one for the full sized papers.

I went through my weekly schedule binder and my wallet. Threw out or shredded tons of stuff....mostly (so many) appointment cards and receipts.

Now if my binder slides to the side a little...nothing falls out. Hurray!

 Now I have no problems closing my wallet/purse...I guess you can really call it a "wallet on a string". I switched to it a few months ago and I absolutely love it. It's a pity it's so darn ugly.

I just checked to see what "hot spot" was on the list for this week at Simple Mom... It was...

Post image for Project: Simplify: Hot Spot #2 RevealedPapers!

How about that, huh? Like I said...I got a head start.

I still have a bunch more but I think I'm on my way!

Wanna join me?