Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Do you get headaches? I do!

I think I found a non-drug solution! Can you believe it !?!

One day I walked into my holistic massage therapist and told her that I had a headache. She proceeded to massage my head. She focused around my ears. As well as gently tugging and massaging my actual ears. I can say it was a very strange feeling.

But it worked!

I had to try it for myself!

One day I did. Did you know that there is a blood vessel that runs just above your ears? I had no clue until I tried to do it to myself. Gently tugging on them too just like Sue had. Making sure I massaged the blood vessel  mostly (on both sides). My head actually hurt there. So I made sure to to massage there quite a bit.

A few hours later I had realized that my headache had been gone for a while. I have no idea how long it took, but the massage had worked!  Yay!!!

So next time I had a headache I tried it again. And I told hubby about it. He said "Makes sense. You are getting more blood to the brain..."

Next time you have a headache...why don't you try it on yourself?

What do you have to lose besides the headache?

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