Monday, November 15, 2010

Reincarnated from a dog?

I think my 11 year old son, D, was reincarnated from a dog...i just realized this.
Bagle Hound - Emma

I'm not sure if I actually believe in reincarnation but if I do...than D was definitely a dog.

-pretended to be a dog when he was younger quite frequently, we called him "Shadow" then, he still does once in a while
-turned into a dog loving kid
-whenever he sees a dog he shouts it out, kind of like one dog barking at another on the street
-always points out squirrels and bunnies when he sees them, can't get back to what he was doing until it is gone from sight
-easily distractable
-needed to have parent with him when he was a baby to sleep
-still sleeps better when he does have parents in room, for instance in a hotel, when we are all in the same room
-likes to know where all of his family is at all times
-doesn't like being alone, unless it is on his own terms
-needs lots of physical "loving", he needs about 20 hugs a least, if not more
-he eats like a slob, there is always something either on the table (next to the plate) or something that finds it's way to the floor

There are probably more things that my son has in common with a canine but I can't think of it at the moment...


  1. I agree with everything you said and I wouldn't be surprised if I WAS reincarnated from a dog (exhilarated, yes, surprised, no).


  2. Thanks Diane! As you see...I even got approval from "the kid".