Monday, November 9, 2009

I can see the floor!

I have finally gotten some of my things sorted out, enough to get my jean supply and my "in shop" box off of the floor and into the closet. It's not super neat at the moment...but it is off of the floor. Do you see the empty floor in front of the closet door? I will be able to close it if I want to now. There is also empty floor next to (and in front of) the plastic drawer unit. I wonder if my husband will even notice the difference. He probably will, but who knows if he'll actually say something. Last time I started to clean this up, he asked me, "So what were you up to today?" He very rarely asks me that question.

I'm not done with my purge but at least I can set up my work table without any guilt of taking up too much space.

I have also made the decision to send a handful of great clothing, not used in forever, to consignment. Now I need to go through the rest of my things to see if I should sell anything else, and also make it easier for me to put away the rest of my laundry. Only two small piles (nothing like on any of those organization shows on TV).

I have also decided to keep any money I get from my clothing for Jeans and a Sweater. Is that selfish?

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely keep the money! Since "it'll never be a business" one would reason that if it isn't a business, then there isn't any money.
    congrats on the clean up and organization.