Friday, July 15, 2011

Bugs...the VW kind

Andrew Shenkman working on a Volkswagen Beetle amid other cars on the lot at Marty's VW & Audi Service in New Milford recently. 

Yellow One!

Silver one! With a really cool rocket coming out of the back of it!

Last summer when my family and my sister's family went on vacation, my sister and her daughters were doing the Punch Buggie game. But instead of punching they would just yell it out, including the color, of course.

D loved it and kept doing it when we got home.

Now I even do it without D in the car. It makes me think of him and (sometimes my sis and nieces) when I wouldn't ordinarily. I like it.

I did it when only A was in the car...he thought I was nuts.

I was having fun!


  1. It is funny how we still play games with the VW bug! At least the kids are yelling instead of punching! ~Val

  2. Yup! But every once in a while D will punch his big brother anyway...and A hates being touched, let alone punched.