Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wow, he was a grump!

OK...Danny woke himself...saying "I thought it was Saturday when I first woke up". Then he proceded to act like I was trying to get him to school on a Saturday...which of course, I was not.

I sure hope that I do NOT have to relive that one again tomorrow morning too. The worst part is that it is almost vacation for the boys. Only one more day of school (after today).

I tried everything to get him moving without being mean and then I finally lost it.

He's in 5th grade...When is this going to end?


  1. your 5th grader sound like my 4th grader on a bad hair day ! LOL

    link love please come follow me as well :)

  2. Oh you are not alone! I almost left my daughter in the shopping cart at Costco today w/a sign reading "Free to good home". And she's only three! I've already informed my husband that I will be moving out when she hits puberty.

  3. ...and that is precisely why I am soooo glad to have boys. My oldest, has actually gotten a little easier to "deal" with, now that he has hit puberty. He has become more some extent.