Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I need to be able to to close my closet door...

I soooo want to be able to close my closet door! However, I have a stack of clothes to create with sitting on the floor in front of the door. I know exactly what I want to do with most of the pieces, I just do not have any space in my sewing/computer room to do it. I am determined to get everything cleaned up and organized. If I can manage to get everything in my "study" off the floor and in my closets then I will reward myself with a sewing table, which will then make creating much easier. I plan on documenting all of this on my blog so that hopefully if people are watching me, it will keep me on task for the pure embarrassment of it all, you know...kind of like those shows on TLC and HGTV that embarass the homeowner into fixing their messes. I would never say that my house is ever that bad but it will hopefully give me a start.

The order of things will be this:
(1) Clean out bedroom closet to make room for clothes from the study closet. This will entail purging, with hopefully some selling of old clothes, whether at consignment or on craigslist, I'll have to decide when I see what clothes are "going away". Hey...a few extra bucks can only help, 'cause the table I was looking at cost $130.
(2) Starting a new shop with destash things from my closet and other supplies. It's a pitty I gave away a lot of my old craft supplies, I could have made a few extra bucks to help my room.
(3) Finally moving my Jeans and a Sweater stuff into the closet.
(4) Buying a sewing table that will then allow me to start wanting to sew regularly for Jeans and a Sweater, which is the whole point of all of this. Well, that and making my husband happy, not that he complains, but I know that he'll love this.

I've been wanting to do this for a while. I know my husband will appreciate it, he is a neat freak and my little messes drive him nuts. Hey...he got the neat one in my should see my mother and my brother (my sister has a little of the clutter gene too, not any worse than me though)...they both belong on "Clean House" (from Style Network, I love that show!). If they lived in LA, I would nominate them both and they would probably make the cut.

Now that school is started and I'm all alone at it goes...

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